Koalition is a PR and communications agency. We advise on public relations, strategy, communications and project development and we specialize in advising projects in the industries of food, culture and sustainability.

Koalition originally derives from the Latin word coalescere, which means to grow together - for instance as a temporary alliance between two or more parties that force an alliance in order to achieve a common goal.

“Koalition advises and connects organizations that work to grow in harmony with the surrounding society and aim for cultural and sustainable development with food as the focal point. Our professional skills are pr, communications and project development specialized in gastronomy, food and food culture, and our ambition is to contribute to a positive development within sustainability and food culture together with our clients and business partners”, says Marie Sainabou Jeng, founder and director.

Koalition was founded by Marie Sainabou Jeng in 2018 and is built on the foundation of more than 10 years as a communications consultant specialized in food, meals and gastronomy. As for the experience working within the specialized field of food communications, the idea of growing with others has been refined throughout the past decade, and Marie has carried out a variety of major projects in collaboration with other like-minded entrepeneurs. This model is further carried out in the daily work of the Koalition team.

If you wish to collaborate, hear more about our projects or want to drop by CPH Food Space for coffee, feel free to drop Marie a line at marie@koalitionkbh.dk